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FULL PLASTIC MACHINES: production at full speed

FULL PLASTIC: RAIN BOOTS – SAFETY BOOTS – CHILD BOOTS – GALOCHES – SANDALS. DELTA machines meet all production requirements.

The DELTA series provides the widest range of machines for the production of shoes, sandals and boots in thermoplastic materials, designed in optimal configurations to emphasize the maximum performance.

Depending on production requirements:

– The holders are designed to work in either ST (Sole / Upper) and TS (Upper / Sole) system

– The injectors are designed for both aligned and overlying position

– The closing power of both vertical and horizontal presses vary depending on the configuration chosen.

Product Colors injection Mold Machine ID No. Stations
Height up to 48 cm. One – two colors Pair 900 6-8-10-12
Height up to 48 cm. One – two – three colors Pair 900 10-12
Height up to 40 cm. One – two colors Pair 750 6-8-10-12
Height up to 40 cm. One – two – three colors Pair 750 10-12
Height up to 33 cm. Single color Pair Rider 6-8-10-12
Height up to 22 cm. Single color half pair 176 12

Machinery solid, robust and reliable, produced hundreds of models from Main Group

(see overview of these days inside the factory where more than 8 DELTA machines are assembling)

Completely automated machines that allow a significant reduction in the cost of the finished product while improving the quality.

Through the use of DELTA machines, companies brands who until recently produced in Asia for cost reasons, were able to bring back production in Europe